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Because the shown from inside the Citrus Along with, Mei has-been posts and you can determined to make sure this lady reference to Yuzu remains enterprise

Yuzu Aihara

Yuzu is actually Mei’s the latest stepsister, who is thirty day period avove the age of their. In the beginning, Mei observes Yuzu just just like the a pain in the neck and you may helps make away which have the woman on hopes of closing their up-and repelling the lady away, indicating their no esteem since she defies new school’s laws and regulations and you can also will not accept her because their brother, yet , heating to their after she cancels the girl arranged iya. In time, she actually starts to be keen on Yuzu’s brash identity. Initially, Mei attempted to suppresses which of the hypocritically stating he could be sisters and you will female but Yuzu’s next forceful hug along with her enabling mend their connection with the lady father factors the lady to identify her ideas at last and initiate reciprocating Yuzu’s romantic thoughts to some knowledge, is rather possessive regarding the woman on account of Matsuri’s advances on Yuzu and you may setting up so you’re able to their, and you can impact accountable when she thinks Yuzu are stressed otherwise unfortunate on account of the lady methods. She conveys so you can Matsuri this woman is grateful for having satisfied Yuzu.

However, Yuzu rejecting the woman promote having sex and never conferring the woman feelings obviously enough to possess Mei to understand reasons her to completely reject Yuzu and you can damage, she tried to enjoys a relationship that have Sara however, immediately following each other confessing its genuine thinking for every other, she begins relationships Yuzu. Mei usually concerns for Yuzu and you can is actually concerned why Yuzu came household weeping, immediately following reading it absolutely was because the she got revealed not every person often approve of its relationship, Mei writes from inside the Yuzu’s matchmaking notebook to prompt the girl by the claiming long lasting difficulty can happen in the future, they cannot stop you from are who you are. She subconsciously cried rips out-of glee when Yuzu place the band she got got on her behalf and since upcoming Mei attempts to don the fresh ring if in case this lady has the risk.

Family unit members

But not, regrettably to have Mei, the girl dad got again set the lady inside a decideded upon relationships that have Udagawa, which actually leaves the girl distraught because she’ll need crack it with Yuzu. It results in Mei hesitating having intercourse having Yuzu, tearfully almost telling Yuzu she loves her got Matsuri perhaps not screamed within the outrage, right after which sobbing of trying into gowns. Very first, Mei made an effort to fulfill the girl responsibility, since the found inside Section thirty six, in which Mei remaining a letter to possess Yuzu, stating she believed that she got damage Yuzu, and you may leftover the Aihara home to help you ily, however, made sure this lady one to she was profoundly pleased of the time they spent and you will guaranteed to pray on her behalf delight, leaving Yuzu an emotional damage. Although not, she is actually truly seriously remorseful and harm with in order to betray her, which she very first tried to hide by taking as often act as you can and you can distancing by herself off Yuzu at school and you will even stopping college to help you hurry the brand new engagement thus she could stay from their, but when Yuzu eventually encountered this lady, Mei fundamentally bankrupt just after stating that she detests the girl, saying that regardless of how hard she tried, she merely decided not to prevent herself of considering the woman. Don’t capable refute the girl thoughts for Yuzu, she end the fresh new engagement when Yuzu recommended so you can their, to which Mei approved.

She states one to when you’re she nonetheless lusts for Yuzu, she desires to really operate by simply following brand new tips throughout the very start as well as trusts Yuzu enough to let her give people they know regarding it, whether or not she actually is nevertheless away from becoming willing to reveal sexual parts, as the she easily became frustrated when Yuzu informed way too much. She’s touched by Yuzu’s wish to visit the same college because the the girl also concerned whenever she focuses excess to the discovering, asking Harumi to inform this lady to avoid as well as going just like the much regarding pardon Yuzu and you can Harumi having damaging the statutes by venturing out nevertheless which have school consistent when Yuzu returned to herself. In addition, as opposed to permitting Yuzu deal with Sayaka knowing of their like or coping it herself, she instead works closely with their to solve it, saying she no more really wants to have to do things by herself otherwise help Yuzu do things by her own, demonstrating their increased readiness.