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Book out of Mormon Troubles #4: Bible Scholarship compared to

Current “Mormon Respond to” pages:

the ebook of Mormon?. So it takes into account the issue regarding verses out of a purportedly late, post-exilic “Deutero-Isaiah” becoming quoted from the Nephi, and also goes into the fresh new broad issue of the latest Documentary Theory and accusation one allusions into the Exodus membership woven for the the ebook off Mormon are from a belated provider, new Priestly text (“P”) you to emerged long afterwards Nephi’s go out. Some other concerns also are provided. Initially wishing .

Alleged Difficulties regarding the Book away from Mormon #5: The difficulty of the Longer Ending out-of blog post works together with you to really interesting objections resistant to the Guide out of Mormon, where Mormon estimates conditions off Christ into Nephites you to directly pursue words out-of Christ ultimately of one’s Gospel out of Draw that purportedly was indeed a later part of the, phony inclusion toward New-testament. If the Christ never ever talked the text throughout the very-named “lengthened ending away from Mark,” it might see unrealistic he carry out cam them to this new Nephites. Nevertheless disputed longer ending, up against the alleged “consensus” off scholars, provides solid facts directing in order to their antiquity and you will authenticity. These pages examines the controversy when you look at the white of recent grant.

Guide out-of Mormon Plagiarism Concepts together with Later War — investigating an appealing question of perplexing haphazard parallels to possess plagiarism and you will ripoff. You will definitely Gilbert Hunt’s obscure publication printed in KJV language regarding War regarding 1812 was indeed the building blocks into Publication out of Mormon? Some experts claims yes, based on defectively applied “huge research” methods and incredibly curious parallels, instance hooking up Lehi’s Liahona (a round compass-like object Lehi providentially found through the wasteland) to some other bullet, metal target into the Hunt’s guide–why, a great naval torpedo, however!

You will find now Facetious Place: Region That and you may Facetious Place: Part One or two. The procedure towards polygamy has been gone to live in a great separate and much more obviously really serious web page, “Joong the latest Mormons,” where We have added extra matter and you may concerns.

My personal “Facetious Area” out of remedies for facetious issues (or possibly facetious solutions to real matter) has been separated

Mormons and money: A kingdom? – A full page created in 2012 dealing with some common allegations towards “Mormon financial empire.” Dont mistake sound economic administration to possess avarice and you may materialism.

Questions regarding Research and you can Mormon Doctrine – An article you to definitely works together with standard activities away from research and you can Mormonism, plus truth including advancement, the brand new Ton, DNA, etc., that become of great interest so you’re able to Mormons as well as importance so you can Mormon envision. Then it a useful partner post to my essay into DNA Proof in addition to Guide out of Mormon.

My Turn – Instead of reacting frequent issues out of critics of your Mormons, I have decided that it is day We ask a few infrequently replied inquiries away from my personal.

Mormon Prophets, Entitled of God but Fallible otherwise, As to why brand new Chapel out-of God Christ Try and certainly will Be Real In the event Chapel Leaders Get some things wrong. An essay making reference to brand new Biblical concept one genuine prophets is nonetheless fallible mortals. We call for an effective spiritually adult approach to brand new unavoidable people mistakes that God’s anointed leaders could make, as well as Mormon leadership. Its divine getting in touch with is never contingent for the omniscience and you can total perfection!

One day regarding the Life of Joseph Smith, Translator Extraordinaire of your own Guide of Mormon – my personal satirical software having a beneficial skit writing about accusations you to definitely Joseph Smith plagiarized of multiple supplies inside the making preparations the ebook away from Mormon. Linked to this might be a separate low-satirical web page: “The ebook regarding Mormon while the Website off Alexander von Humboldt,” speaking about the common assertion one to von Humboldt’s blog site somehow could had been a source to possess facts about ancient People in the us on the Publication regarding Mormon.