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What to do when next time you want to beat meat to more of her vids?

Hmm, Name That Pornstar? Who is this pornstar? If you watch porn, then you must have found yourself in a situation where you were unable to know a porn star’s name from a random video. We all have at one point. Picture this; you are stroking your meat rod to a hardcore gangbang scene with a slut who has insane cock riding skills, but you are unable to identify her. That’s where a porn star database, one of the most underrated aspects of the porn industry, comes in handy. Such a platform only requires you to submit a request and a community of porn-addicted freaks with a lot of time on their hands will identify her for you. Easy, no questions asked. Fucking convenient, huh?

Exactly why I’m pleased to introduce Name That Porn Star, which as the name suggests, is a “pornstar finder” site where members help each other to identify a particular porn star or amateur fuckers name. Something you should note from the get-go is this site is free to join and finding out where a particular XXX production has come from or the sluts in it will cost you absolutely nothing. Eager to know the name of a particular porn star based on a photo, gif or video? Let’s dive right in and see what ¬ NameThatPornstar has in store for you.

The site at first glance

The homepage welcomes you with the requests that have been made, both solved and unsolved, in the name of hundreds of pornstars doing what they do best- getting fucked. All these are photos posted by members looking to know a particular pornstar, so they get a clue of who they’ve been losing sperms to. If you click on the image, you get to see the answers and probably rub one out if you so wish. One of the requests featured a hot porn star with perky tits inscribed ‘bimbo’ which one user correctly identified as the one and only Karina Kova.

But what’s NameThatPornstar’s success rate?

That said, one feature that impressed me is that you can also search for various keywords and actually get results. It is actually an interesting way of finding out about certain aspects of a porn star’s erotic activities. For instance, searching for ‘Piper Perri’ brought a whole fucking bunch of videos where this little slut is getting railed. It’s a unique element of looking for smut not many sites are able to cater for.

Sending a request is fucking easy

As you will quickly find out, there are hundreds of freaks whose vast knowledge of porn knows no bounds and will happily identify the performer in action for you. Damn, some of these fucks will even provide the full link to the video with the pornstar! The site offers incentives in the form of points for every correct identification, and you can check the right side of the homepage for a list of the users with most points. Click on the user and check out the pics they’ve correctly identified and see whether that motivates you.

So, how would you like to test your knowledge of pornstars? If you have been watching porn long enough to identify a pornstar from their photos, the open requests section is where you need to be if you are down for helping other pervs identify their favorite fuckers. However, that’s a privilege only reserved for registered users. Luckily, the process is very straightforward, and you don’t have to worry about giving out your email as it’s not a requirement. Having an account also helps you to read and comment on other people’s requests, keep track of your favorite threads, track all activity on your requests among others.

Other impressive features

The smooth navigation also deserves a mention with all the links taking you to their intended destination with minimal fuss. The numbered browsing menu e the site when you have over 60k pages to browse. You should be able to move around the site without issues.

NameThatPornstar also deserves credit for moderating the number of ads on the site. There are not that many ads for a free site which is pleasantly surprising and save for the occasional ad; you can expect to go about your perverted business in relative peace. The site has also included a list of outside sources linking you to sex cams, live sex chats, porn games, and porn for women among other smut destinations. Check them out at your convenience.

I was impressed by the sites:

Good success rates; a 37% success rate is impressive whichever way you look at it. I mean, this is not a fucking FBI database, is it?

Easy to use; it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the site is about and anyone will easily find their way around as the site is very easy to use.

Quite an interesting concept; a site that allows you to identify a pornstar from their images or videos is a fucking asset, and The Porn Dude certainly loves the whole concept behind the site.

Possible concerns

Some adverts; the number of ads here are not too intrusive to ruin your experience, but ads are still ads, aren’t they?