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This new Cougar 200k as well as allows the newest interchanging of one’s arrow tactics and you can WASD tactics

To be honest, this particular aspect is basically useless unless of course left handed. Left handed users normally put the mouse into the leftover, and not features its give or perhaps the guitar in the an uncomfortable updates. We have not discover myself using this actually ever, having said that, I am proper-given and people who are left-handed could find it made use of more often.

One to of use ability Cougar boasts was repeat speed modifications. With the setting and you may “Q” secret, we are able to put the brand new repeat rates to help you 1x or 2x. When you’re helpful, the lack of a signal of what repeat speed this new cello is determined during the try slightly unpleasant. To work it out today, I want to hold-down a button, replace the repeat speed, then hold-down told you key once again to determine what repeat price it had been set to in the first place.

There are even multi-news means levels for the F points and you may an effective toggleable gaming mode that disables the windows key (none is strange). Along with the normal multimedia techniques (volume up/off, skip, stop, etcetera.), new Cougar 200k uses setting keys to your default mail customer, internet homepage, calculator, as well as for securing the brand new cello (stopping entering). The new secure setting still allows the usage of case and you can secure trick — that’d feel an amusing mistake.


Whenever you are completely based mostly on individual feedback, visual appeals out-of a piano will still be extremely important. The Cougar 200k implies that Cougar possess attempted to perform a good themed, not-overly-fancy guitar. The utilization of clear angles and you will LEDs assist do a “gamer” type of physical appearance to it, however the grey and you can black colored framework features it appearing a great deal more kepted. The latest LEDs would search a small flashy, but they toggle, very people who dislike them shouldn’t have to allow them. Personally, I enjoy how Cougar 200k appears, because has actually style, however, does not have any good “1337 Gam3r” move to it (some thing I am not saying very partial to), as an alternative deciding to be slightly booked.


Once i originally gotten the fresh Cougar 200k, I became pregnant a reduced-prevent, membrane cello that i will be disturb having, since i have get used to large-stop physical guitar. Brand new Cougar 200k after that went on in order to pleasantly amaze me, because feels pretty good to write into the, is quite function-rich, enjoys a great build quality, and you may is available in from the reasonable price away from $30 into Newegg, and you can $thirty six for the Craigs list.

Which will leave brand new Cougar 200k’s premier competitor being the Thermaltake Enemy Prime during the $29. The fresh new Thermaltake Enemy Perfect enjoys more consistent key rollover and you will a good additional sort of, but the Cougar 200k have partial n-trick rollover and backlight solutions. This comes down to build and you may what you favor in a keyboard.

Fundamentally, the fresh new Cougar 200k is a wonderful really worth guitar during the their price section, and that i highly recommend they for those who are interested in a cheap budget keyboard.

For anybody having see all of our mechanized cello specifications dictionary, chances are profusely obvious that we delight in mechanized electric guitar. Even with an avid need for mechanized drums, they don’t provide on their own to every problem. Even “quiet” technical changes — such Cherry MX Reds or Browns — might be rather noisy when comparing to a rubber dome guitar; likewise, mechanical guitar aren’t for these which have stricter finances in your mind, due to the fact even the cheapest mechanized drums was $50+, while plastic dome keyboards come of up to reduced than just $10.

Of these reluctant to spend $50+ towards the a keyboard, choice occur in the way of budget-depending, plastic dome drums. The new Cougar 200k is just one such keyboard, with regards to scissor switches and you may setting out that have a reputable speed-point away from $29, guaranteeing couples higher compromises.