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Gayer Rita Petach Tiqva Israel $250 51

Just like the our getting away from the newest Vileyka camp is actually unexpected, he didn’t have for you personally to simply take his weapon

She plus considered that she is on the other hand towards the way to Kurenets. Without people energy and you may disheartened, i e we may mix the newest music. Regarding the bushes, we can understand the road. I saw many people driving bikes. I crawled nearer to the street and noticed it absolutely was a character that we understood on Soviet weeks. The guy met myself, “Good morning,” and you can explained which i need certainly to rapidly go to the almost every other side of the tree because Germans was in fact coming to that it top. He blessed me and easily departed. We gone back to the girls and you may told them. We decided to somehow go near the road to Molodetchna. Dinka got horrible pain. Doba and i also supported her and you will went to the the trail.

Zev Rabunski . Our very own avoid become during the precisely four o’clock regarding the afternoon. We went also Kopel Spector, their sister Eliyau, and his awesome aunt, Sarka, may they others for the peace. I wish to let you know about him or her when it comes to an excellent they had done for all of us. We had to take our very own kid and i also asked Kopel, “Do not desert us immediately. Please help us. It is extremely difficult for all of us for the kid.

The guy instantly answered, “Yosef, we shall never desert you. We contemplate all that’s necessary accomplished for all of us.” He had been speaking of enough time I aided your buy a good gun. Up until Kopel, Eliyau, and Sarka were slain, they ran with our team, and each couple of minutes, i transformed who would carry the child within fingers. New snow try extremely deep, therefore was in fact running and you will falling, running and you can dropping. The trail is laden with bushes and you may thorns one to stuck out of one’s snowfall, so the travel try a very thorny you to… -Yosef Zukerman Dina said if she arived into forest she met with Yitzhak Einbender who was a leader regarding a partisan equipment and he helped their along with her wound and you will whatever else. He had been later murdered close Dolhinov. to read the new tales click here

The latest escape is actually quite difficult for me personally and you can my spouse

We would like to display our very own polite appreciation so you’re able to Susan M. Goldsmith out of Piedmont , Ca , U. S.A good. It is significantly enjoyed and we should do our best to grab photo of one’s graves given that Susan recommended. Is a current listing of donors beginning with brand new previous Donors; 42. Shmilovich Avraham Kvar Saba Israel $125 43. Tych Raja (nee Bronshtein) Ramat Gan Israel $275 44. Zolotov Zipora Lahavim Israel $250 45. Labunski Fanny(nee Ruderman) Chifa Israel $125 forty eight. Radashkovich Eliyahu Ramat Gan Israel $one hundred 49. Radashkovich Arie Tel Aviv Israel $125 50. Rapson Dov (Melamed) Avichail Israel $250 52. Rapson Avigdor (Ekman) Herzelia Israel $250 53. Paz Yosef Haifa Israel $125 54. Sosenski Yaakov Ashdod Israel $125 55.

Sosenski Sima Ganey yochanan Israel $125 56. Ben Barak Gallia Rechovot Israel $125 57. Shor Maya (nee Sosensky) Bizaron Israel $125 58. Sosenski rencontre en tant qu’homme dans la 40aine Eli Ashdod Israel $125 59. Kaplan Klila Tel Aviv Israel $125 sixty. Kanter Laura (nee Libe Rubin)Boca Raton Fl. U.S. Good $500 61. Schuster Riva Kvar Saba Israel $125 62. Brant Sara Navei Mivtach Israel $one hundred 63. Aminetsach Yehuda Herzelia Israel $125 64. Aminetsach Avraham Jerusalem Israel $125 65. Shmilovich Zelig Omer Israel $125 66. Ruderman Florence New york You. S.Good. Chalifa Raja(nee Rubin)Navei Mivtach Israel $125 68. Chap Gerald members of the family Cape Urban area Southern area Africa $650 69. Harcavi (Furman) Meier Ramat Hasharon Israel $250 70. Harcavi Chanan Ramat Efal Israel $250 71. Rosen Lester Debby Glencoe , Chicago You. S.A great. Susan M. Goldsmith regarding Piedmont , California , U.