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You are sure that the latest tune of the Macklemore, “Exact same Love”?

The newest tea’s perhaps not cool I am wanting to know why Igot on your sleep from the allmy ***** notice clouds up my personal sense thoughand I can’t reproduce at alland whether or not I can it’s going to all be gayput your own photo toward my Fb wallit reminds myself that it’s most of the I haveit’s all the We have

Beloved Jim, I penned you however you still isn’t callin’I kept my phone, my Grindr, and you can my personal household cellular telephone in the bottomI sent a few texts straight back inside autumn, you ought not a was ’emthere’s probably a challenge when i post tend to or somethin’sometimes I wear gowns and also as well careless when I’m joggin’but anyways, **** me, upwards my personal ****, I’m an electrical energy otterI’ll probably become pregnant as well, I’m ’bout getting an excellent daddyif I’ve a dad, guess what I am a call him?I’m a reputation your RonnieI discover their Brother Bonnie also I am sorryI got a pal **** themselves more some ***** whom failed to need himI learn you really pay attention the daybut I’m the biggest manI actually got a more impressive **** than simply DanI got a-room full of their posters and you may photographs manI including the **** you probably did that have Rawkus also, their **** try fatanyways, I really hope you earn so it kid, strike me personally in the backthen we’ll chat, really yours, the biggest fananother man.

The fresh tea’s not cooler I’m wanting to know as to why Igot on your sleep during the allmy ***** mind clouds right up my sense thoughand I can not breed at alland regardless if I could it will probably be gayput your picture into the my personal wallit reminds me that it is the I haveit’s all We features

Dear Jim, you still isn’t titled or blogged, I’m hoping you have got an excellent chanceI ain’t frustrated, I recently imagine it is ****** right up that you do not address my demandsif you did not want to talk in my experience external your own **** your did not have tobut you coulda closed an autograph to have Matthewthat’s my personal absolutely nothing aunt guy, he could be merely 16 age oldwe waited throughout the blistering cool to have youfor four-hours and you simply told you “no”that’s quite ****** child, you’d like ******’ their kid holehe desires **** as if you kid, the guy loves your more than We doI isn’t resentful even in the event, I just hate bein’ lied toremember when we found to your Grindr, your said when the I’d write you you’ll build backsee I am just as if you I am gayI ****** a great swallower named Caesarthen a guy titled Tom and a guy titled PeterI can connect with how you’re playing when you look at the a thongso as i features a good ****** time I drift out and set ’em on’cause I do not had **** more to ensure that **** facilitate whenever I am depressedI also had a tattoo of your title across the chestsometimes We even **** me personally to see how much they bleedsit’s for example adrenaline, the pain is such a rapid rush to possess mesee that which you say is actually genuine, and i also admiration you ’cause you tell itmy boyfriend’s jealous because the I mention your 24/7but the guy doesn’t know you adore I understand you Jim, no one doeshe have no idea just what it try including for all of us instance us growin’ upwards, your gotta give me a call manI’ll end up being the most significant son you’ll actually losesincerely your own, StanP.S. we should be together with her too.

Beloved Mister “I am too good to name or write my personal mans”this can be the very last package We actually installed your own ***it has been half a dozen humps and still zero *****, Really don’t have earned it?I’m sure you have my personal history one or two photos and i also put my clothing into the perfectso this really is my personal *** I’m sending your, I really hope your spear itI’m regarding the bar immediately, I am creating ninety males are gayhey Jim, I consumed a 5th out-of Bob’s ***your challenge us to journey?About that guy just who could’ve had *** with that other kid but didn’tthen Macklemore spotted everything and you can following was required to let you know he receive your?Which is sort of how this can be, you could’ve saved myself from other guysnow it’s too late, I am on the one thousand poppers now, I am *****and all sorts of I wanted is a bad letter then your *****I really hope you know I torn all of your current photographs off sugar daddy my Facebook wallI like your Jim, we coulda already been along with her, consider ityou wrecked it today, I hope you simply cannot sleep and you imagine itand whenever your dream I’m hoping you can not sleep and you also ointment throughout the itI hope the conscience consumes in the both you and you can not reproduce as opposed to mesee Jim, shut up *****! I’m tryin’ to speak!Hi Jim, which is my boyfriend screamin’ while i ****however, I didn’t use his lips, I just fastened him right up, get a hold of I ain’t like you’cause in the event the he suffocates he will *** many next he will trip toowell, gotta wade, it’s almost inside my **** nowoh ****, I forgot, exactly how in the morning I meant to **** this **** aside?