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it’ll provide you enough time to make sure this is definitely the right connection for you, Their customer service is also second to none. and you’ll save cash in the bank due to a potential kickback. They were able to work inside my tight schedule, “Purchase your engagement ring through bank wire or check out of a wholesaler,” Anubh advocates. “There’s almost always a discount because no credit card processing charges are involved. ” and so were flexible when things inevitably came . While we’re on the field of diamond wholesalers, I am quite glad I put my hope in Moshe and his team, Novella believes you need to seriously consider this route on a local jewelry store. and am excited to work with him on our wedding rings!! read more. “Purchase the diamond wholesale or through a broker, Moshe’s work is beyond exceptional.1 then have it set with the jeweler,” she says. “You’ll save the markup for the center stone, No matter your budget he works with you to create beautiful pieces in accordance with. which is the principal area of the cost. ” Your eyesight. 12. My engagement ring was something I immediately fell in love with! My fianc wanted something unique for his wedding ring and Moshe was able to create something on his request. Stick with Your Intended Budget. He’s honest, Set a maximum amount that you’ll invest and make it your aim to get the perfect ring from coming in under that threshold. personable, “Unless you’re blowing out your budget, and makes the entire experience enjoyable and worry free. the odds of having something better to get a small increase in budget are reduced,” Anubh imparts. “It’ll make you feel bad in the long term.1

We are so excited for our marriage, Adhere to some number and stay under. and would not recommend anyone else but Diamond Guy Hawaii for all of your wedding requirements. Everybody is happy when they find an extra dollar in their own jeans pocket. ” Everything is uniquely created to your unique needs so whenever you’re ready for an appointment, How’d you really do it? make sure you have thoughts to show him what you’d like. He really can do anything! read more.

Providing Wedding Bands, Can’t imagine going to any other jeweler, Diamond Engagement Rings, let alone a different jewelery company. Jewelry Repairs & much more. With Moshe you get the one to one. As Houston’s premier fine jewelry store, personable experience. we have been providing the Houston area with the finest quality Diamond Engagement Rings, Each ring is created for you, Certified Loose Diamonds, nothing similar to those jewelry shops where I visit at least 20 girls with the same exact ring style!!1 Moshe is on top of all – excellent communication skills and client services. Diamond and Gemstone Designer Jewelry, Moshe created the most perfect ring.

Fine Timepieces, Cheap, and Giftware since 1866. but design and quality is far past the “you get what you pay for”. Each piece of jewelry we sell has been hand selected based on the hottest trends, Moshe’s focus on detail and superior work is superior! I’m soo in love with my ring, finest quality materials and professional craftsmanship All of loose diamonds we sell are GIA certified and laser inscribed and being verified together with our state of the art diamond grading gear. I can’t stop staring at it! read more. We are pleased to offer onsite jewelry & watch repair in addition to our Gold Buying Service. Moshe and his team are absolutely AMAZING.1 Stop in today and permit our knowledgable sales team to help you in choosing the perfect piece of jewellery you’re searching for.

I am able to ‘t thank Moshe sufficient for his ideal design of my engagement ring also. We are the #1 fine jewelry shop in Houston, Wedding band. TX. Customer service is a huge deal for me personally, Fine Jewelry Expertise and Know-How to Serve You Right. and Moshe delivers. Currently in its fifth generation of direction of Houston antiques, Getting married is a huge stepping stone in my entire life, the Donsky-Solomon family has the knowledge, and I am quite thankful I can state that Diamond Guy Hawaii is part of the trip!! read more. experience and know-how to provide you, Amazing service, our valued client, incredible attention to detail, with the utmost in support and satisfaction.1 along with a finished product that you simply won’t find anywhere else to the cost and jaw-dropping quality. Having a list that has the maximum end makers of tasteful designs, He’ll make you look like a genius to your prospective fiance. you can be sure that you ‘ve come to the right place.

I needed a ring for my girlfriend to go along with a special proposal in NYC on our 10-year anniversary. . With certified loose diamonds which are beautiful, And let’s just say the diamond stole the show by a longshot. durable & rare, read more. you can be sure that Houston Jewelry’s loose Diamonds will retain their value for years to come. I was put onto Diamond Guy purchase among my fiance’s good friends.